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We were recently hired to install a dry bar in a lovely home located in a retirement community in Virginia Beach. The new homeowner had a space in her living room that she wanted to customize by getting rid of some unappealing bookshelves in order to make room for a nice looking dry bar:

Carlston before Collage

During the demolition, it was discovered that the bookcase had been set into an old closet. Rich, our technician, removed the framing from around it and created additional space upon removing the shelves. Note the steps that he during this process to contain the dust and to protect her hardwood floors:

Carlston during Collage

Rich was able to save pieces of hardwood flooring from within the old closet to patch the front of the dry bar. He reframed the doorway with new wooden trim and installed antique brass hardware for the doorknobs to match the rest of her living space.

The homeowner selected 6 panel bi-fold doors for the front, so that when opened, the doors won’t block the passageway on the left or the air conditioning register on the right:

Carlston after Collage

Closet Factory will be coming in behind us to install the dry bar shelving. We have partnered with them on other projects as well, but we think this one came out especially nice, don’t you?

If you’re interested in having “a place for everything and everything in its place”, call Bob’s Jobs, 757-318-0484, and let us help you to find that place!


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  • Tamra Hudgins Lenz

    Jo, Rich did a fabulous job with the tearout and reconstruction. The doors are perfectly straight, and I’m really impressed that he was able to patch the floor with some of the hardwood. I’ll text you a picture when we’ve completed our installation of the dry bar. I am so thankful to have full confidence in Bob’s Jobs whenever I refer you to one of my clients.

    Tamra Lenz
    Senior Designer with Closet Factory

    • jowhitebobsjobs

      Thank you for the referral; it’s always a pleasure to do business with you!