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A simple gutter cleaning reveals “jacklegging”




A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – a simple gutter cleaning reveals “jacklegging”!



We were contacted recently by a local homeowner who is in the process of getting his mother-in-law’s property ready for sale.  She is elderly and now living in a nursing home.  The home, located in a lovely, older neighborhood, needed it’s gutters cleaned out.  We were also hired to scrape and paint the fascia boards.

Bob set out to do the work, a fairly simple job.  However, once the pressure washer hit the dirt and grime in the gutters, some old caulking blew off, revealing rotted wood on the fascia boards.  It was apparent that a former handyman had used caulk to cover up the rotted wood instead of replacing it:

Neumann after collage

This is a practice known as “jacklegging” – taking shortcuts.  Bob contacted the client who agreed that the fascia boards needed to be replaced.  Our second handyman, Rich, was called in to do the woodwork.  We painted the fascia to match the rest of the trim of the house and our work was then finished:

Neumann before collage

The client has indicated he is extremely happy with the work that we did and is especially appreciative of our honesty and integrity.  He gave us a rating of 10 out of 10 on our services.  He has already recommended us to a neighbor of his and tells us he will keep in touch, as he has handyman needs at his own home that he wants us to take care of in the future.

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