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Bathroom door installation



 A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – a bathroom door installation


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That kitty cat looks so sad, but seriously, don’t we all want a bathroom door we can close?!?

Like many homeowners, a recent client attempted a do-it-yourself project, involving the installation of a bathroom door where there was none.  They’d once had a wall located between their toilet and the bathroom sink, but they’d taken it down and planned to install a new doorway, separating the entire bathroom from the master bedroom. However, they’d never gotten around to finishing the work:

Overturf before image

They’d heard about us from another client whose home we’d worked on.  Word-of-mouth referrals are one of our favorite ways to get new business, as these people already know about our work ethic and our reputation for doing quality work (you can read testimonials from past clients by clicking on this link HERE).

 We are fortunate to have a new strategic partner who was ready, willing and able to help us out with this work, as our two technicians were tied up on another project at a different home.  Together, Luke and Bob completed this job over the span of a couple of days and got it done on time. Here are pictures of the doorway as we completed the necessary framing, mudding, taping, sanding and painting:

Overturf Collage

  The final picture, below, shows their seamless work, with fresh paint drying around the new master bathroom entryway, giving the family the privacy they didn’t have before:

Overturf after in bedroom with fresh coat of paint


Do you, too, have an unfinished project, like this doorway, in your home?  If your “honey-do” list isn’t getting done, call me, Jo, at Bob’s Jobs (757-318-0484) and we can complete those DIY projects for you!


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