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Bathroom renovations – completed!



A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – completion of a bathroom renovation


We were recently contacted by a homeowner who is preparing to turn over his nice townhouse to his son.  He is moving out of state and wants to leave it in good condition, so that his son isn’t left with issues he has to address right away.

The client bought the townhome a few years ago in rather bad shape.  Many cosmetic “fixes” had been made, but the previous owner had covered up water and moisture damage within the walls which our client discovered upon doing some remodeling.  He found the damage to be so bad in the main bathroom that he gutted it himself, exposing all of the rotted beams and sub-floor:

Sprague bathroom pre stripped down

As sometimes happens when homeowners attempt to do their own repairs, he got tired of the work which was taking up a great deal of his spare time.  With a demanding full-time job, he wanted to hire someone to finish the work that he started and, most importantly, do the job right.

This is when Bob’s Jobs stepped in.  Once Rich, our handyman, got to work on the job, he discovered that the floor wasn’t level.  This required him to use wire screening and concrete to level it out before installing the large tiles, placed on a 45 degree angle, giving the impression of a much larger room:

Sprague floor collage

Rich completed the bathroom, from it’s stripped down, bare bones to making the finishing touches on the walls and floors, in a grand total of 6 days.  The homeowner is thrilled with the final look and pleased to leave a nice-looking and functional bathroom when his son takes ownership of the townhouse:

Sprague collage

Would you like to finish up that bathroom remodel?  Have you gotten “stuck” on a project that you simply don’t have the time to finish?  Would you like your remodeling project to have a professional look in the end?  We have the easiest fix – contact Bob’s Jobs Handyman Service, as we have the knowledge and the skills to make your project look perfect!  Call me, Jo, at 318-0484, or click on this link HERE to send us an e mail!



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