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“Before” and “After” Pictures

Just before Mother’s Day, Bob installed this unique block backsplash in a little farm house down in the county, for a young couple celebrating their first Mother’s Day!

The painted switch plates really blend with the muted color of the tile.

20160420_163158 (2)20160508_110525


Recently, near Wards Corner in Norfolk, We replaced an old wrought iron railing with this beautiful PVC rail system:

Ford handrail- before2Lynn Fords handrail

A Really fun “Out of Town ” Project- The client, an old Navy buddy of Bob’s brought us to Corpus Christi, Tx. for a week and we did this:

pre-work pic of Peggy's yard Peggy's deck after

We demolished some bookshelves in order to install a custom dry bar in a home in a retirement community in Virginia Beach, with the “before” image on the left, and the “after” on the right:

Carlston before and after Collage

A client wanted to assist her disabled adult son by providing his family with some simple and inexpensive closet upgrades, so we installed some metal shelving in his house in the Aragona section of Virginia Beach. On the left, the “before” picture of the master bedroom closet, and the “after” picture, on the right:

closet organization Collage


Before and after we built a custom deck in the Chesopeian Colony neighborhood of Virginia Beach:


Before and after deck installation

Before and after deck installation


Before we refurbished this 29 year old deck in the Virginia Wesleyan area of Virginia Beach:

Trower before Collage

And, the “after” pictures of the same deck:

Trower after Collage



A recent bathroom renovation in the Chesapeake Beach area of Virginia Beach, before and after, below:


Before and after bathroom remodel

Before and after bathroom remodel