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Bob Wager


head shot of BobAfter 10 years of military service in both the Army and the Navy, I dropped anchor in Virginia Beach in 1986 and decided to make it my home. Right out of the Navy, I started working with a deck and landscaping company in Chesapeake, moved to a waterfront structure (docks and bulkheads) building company and then into design and sales for a well known national custom deck builder.

Somewhere along the way, I lost focus on what was really important to me and thought “Corporate America” was the way for me to go. I searched for the perfect position in Insurance, Investments, Tax Accounting and Real Estate. I met a lot of great people along the way, and saw that the happiest of them were not only doing what they loved, but loving what they do.

So, after 15 years of suits and ties, I pulled my jeans back on and set out to find my passion: repairing houses. All my life I have had the burning desire to take sad houses and fix them up like new again. It doesn’t matter to me if it is a simple garden gate repair or a rehab for an investor, I put my pride into every job I do.

All those years of tax accounting and insurance have developed my attention to detail and my work reflects that; I have emulated the home repair greats: Bob Villa (“Home Again”), Norm Abram (“New Yankee Workshop”) and Tommy Silva (“This Old House”) are my role models.

I now know that I have found my passion, and it is helping others enjoy their homes by fixing what is wrong, making the old look new again and giving new life to good houses that need a hand.

I get to do all the really cool projects that guys would love to do around their own house, but I get to do them all over town!

With my life partner, business partner and BFF, Jo Sandlin White at my side, I am the Happy, Healthy and Terrific Handyman that will have a smile on his face while he puts a smile on your face making your house your home, doing the “Honey-Do’s” that Honey Don’t!


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