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Bureaucracy…. bureaucracy, everywhere!



 A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – deck building with permits


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Late this past summer we were contacted by a regular client of ours – he wanted to remove an old, small deck and a porch and have us design and install two new decks for him.  His home is on a branch of Wolfsnare Creek in the Chesopeian Colony section of Virginia Beach and he wanted a small deck attached to the house as well as one down by the water.  Aside from having to obtain a city permit to build the two decks, we also learned that we had to get the approval of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Administration, or CBPA.  The paperwork involved to meet their criteria held the project up for a couple of months, as Bob learned how to navigate through their system of permits, regulations, stipulations and a manual for “prescriptive residential deck construction guide.”  Whew!

Bob consults manuals

Fortunately, our client was very patient and understood the necessity for these additional permits and the approval of the CBPA.  As their website explains, “The Bay Act program is designed to improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay and other waters of the State by requiring the use of effective land management and land use planning.”  One of its many requirements was that we had to post two signs within a specific distance of the street and the water, explaining to the public that a “request for an administrative variance has been filed”, allowing public comment to be submitted to the City of Virginia Beach concerning the request.  These signs had to be posted for 15 days before construction could begin.

Once that step was completed, holes for the footings were dug, and an inspector came by to check the dimensions and make sure they were accurate.  Only then could we proceed with the deck construction.  No additional inspections are required until the deck is completed.  Here’s how the deck looked after we passed inspection, dug the holes and starting framing it out:

Corley deck Collage #1

At the time of this newsletter publication, the completion of the first deck, attached to the house, was delayed due to rainy weather.  However, we have been able to complete the decking, skirting and installation of a custom door, made necessary so the inspectors can check out the framing once the deck is completed.  The homeowner has indicated that he plans to use the newly created storage area to store his outdoor furniture during the winter months:

Corley deck Collage #2

Stay posted for our next newsletter in which I will hopefully be able to share pictures of the completed deck, showing its custom handrails, steps and trim. Deck #2, to be constructed close to the water, won’t be built until later on in 2015, also according to CBPA guidelines.  Here’s where it’s going to go; isn’t this a lovely location for a deck?

Corley water view

Would you, too, like a new deck on your waterfront property?  Contact me, Jo, at Bob’s Jobs, 757-318-0484 (or just click on my name to be directed to our  Contact page) and we will start the properly executed designs for you!



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