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Exterior trim painting in Virginia Beach



(1)  What’s going on at Bob’s Jobs – pre-job work

(2) Personal adventures of Jo & Bob – annual auto show!

(3) A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – exterior trim painting on a house in Virginia Beach



(1)  What’s going on at Bob’s Jobs – pre-job work

When approached about jobs that involve design, Bob pulls out his graph paper and pencils and sits down to work out a layout of the job.  This process can take anywhere from a couple of hours to more than a full day’s work.  Bob doesn’t always get paid for this prep time, but we find that this is a good opportunity to demonstrate our craftsmanship and professionalism.

Bob at werk

When Bob presents his designs for decks, overhead storage spaces and sheds or workshops, he is able to give the consumer an idea of the type of business that we run.  And while they may not hire us for that particular project, we know that customers will keep us in mind when they have other handyman needs.  Clients tell us that they appreciate the work that Bob puts into his thorough proposals and the fact that we follow-up with them after submitting project designs.

Are you interested in a big project for your home this winter?  Bob will be more than happy to discuss your ideas with you, find out what kind of budget you are working with and submit one or two individualized plans for your handyman project.  You can contact us here, via our website, our simply call Jo at (757) 318-0484 and she will be happy to schedule your free estimate.

(2) Personal adventures of Jo & Bob – annual auto show!

A recent chilly winter weekend sent us to the annual Hampton Roads International Auto Show for our weekend “date night.”

We enjoyed taking turns sitting in our “dream” cars and Jo was pleased to find this shining example of the first car she ever owned, a 1965 Ford Mustang:

1965 Ford Mustang

Hers was also a convertible, but with bright orange/red paint and a black top.  Here she is showing off her car in old photographs taken in the 1970’s:

me and my car collage


Bob’s favorite vehicles in the show were the big trucks!  He would love to upgrade himself to one of these huge beauties some day:

Bob in truck


What’s your dream car or truck?  What color would it be?


(3) A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – exterior trim painting on a house in Virginia Beach


Because we live in an area with relatively moderate winter temperatures, Bob’s Jobs is often able to paint outdoors when other contractors in colder climes cannot.

We were recently contacted by a homeowner with a pressing need – the exterior trim on their home had gotten the attention of their neighborhood’s condo association and they were “under the gun” to get it repaired and looking nice again.  The homeowner indicated they had not had any work done on the exterior in many years, as you can see from this photo collage:

Kramer pre images

Bob went out and took a look and recommended that they not only paint the trim, but also have the entire exterior trim and siding pressure washed first.  They had a fairly good amount of mold and mildew and the pressure washing of the wooden trim would prepare it well for painting.

The homeowners agreed to this plan and the work began promptly.  The cosmetic improvements were immediately apparent and the owners are now proud of the appearance of their home and pleased that it will pass inspection!

The final, crisp, shiny look of the home after the work was finished:

Kramer post images


Is your home in need of some cosmetic work?  Contact Bob’s Jobs, 318-0484 and have Bob come out so you can learn what kind of facelift he can give your home too!


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