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Lining Cedar Closets




 A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – lining cedar closets 

Bob was recently hired by a client to install 4 cedar closets in her home.  She had always wanted to have this task done.  After removing all of her carpeting and flooring due to an unexpected flood in her house, she decided this was the perfect time to have her closets redone.

The task required a couple of trips to the hardware store to purchase matching stocks of cedar wood.  Because the baseboards had been installed level, the installation went quickly from the start, with no scribing required.

cedar planksSince the cedar planks were packaged in 2 and 4  foot lengths, Bob was able to move quickly up the back wall of the 6 foot long closets, as only a few cuts had to be made. However, in order to create a visually appealing random staggering of the end joints, Bob had to continually use shorter pieces to offset the butt joints up the wall.

Once he turned the corner to the shorter side walls, the job became more challenging.

He knew that he had to spread the longer boards out so that all of the shorter walls (the two side walls as well as the stub walls inside the door opening) would get pieces that were at least 6 – 8 inches long. At this point, he had to actually cut every piece to install them properly. This slows the process down a bit when you have to first measure, go to the saw station, make a cut and then finally return to the closet and fit the piece in. Sometimes the pieces would need an extra little bit shaved off, so another trip to the saw station had to be made.

cedar closet collage


The cedar planks were tongue and groove and snapped together fairly easily; on occasion, a tap with the rubber hammer handle rubber hammermoved a stubborn piece into place. When Bob came close to the top, where the space was too wide for one board but too narrow for two, he measured the width, divided by two and ripped down two boards to fill the space with a substantial board rather than a skinny filler piece that wouldn’t look as nice.

Each closet took about 5-7 hours to line and Bob ended up with a bucket full of aromatic cedar burning fire pitwood scraps – nice to drop in the drawers of a dresser or to burn in the fire pit on a cool fall evening!

If you would like to generate some aromatic cedar scented closets and dresser drawers, give Bob’s Jobs a call at 757-318-0484 and we will come out for a free estimate!



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