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How to Repair Drywall Safely and Effectively


 A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – drywall repairs

We were recently hired by a homeowner to patch a hole in his kitchen ceiling, created after some water leaked from above.

After making certain that the area above the damage was now dry, with no ongoing water drip, Bob began to replace the drywall.  The job was fairly simple, but took some time, as the drywall had to be sanded and then coated and sanded again in order to produce a nice, smooth finish.

Randy's ceiling collage

In addition, Bob had to allow sufficient time for the patch to thoroughly dry in between coats of joint compound.  A trick sometimes used to expedite drying time is to use a hairdryer or heat gun to help cure the drywall compound a bit quicker

Once dry, Bob was able to prime and apply the texture required.  Depending on the texture required, it can be applied with joint compound and swirled or daubed, or for a “Popcorn” texture, you can get a spray can of the texture. It does take some practice to get it to blend in, but the spray popcorn can be scraped off while it is still wet and another attempt can be made (with a fresh can, of course!) Before creating a dust storm that will disturb the homeowners and their four legged friends, Bob created this dust booth to contain the mess!

Randy's kitchen

Prefer to spend the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays cooking and enjoying the feast with your family?  Contact Bob’s Jobs, 318-0484, as Bob will be happy to tackle this dusty work for you!


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