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Happy Holidays! Deck is done!




Happy Holidays

 A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – deck completion

In our last newsletter , I told you that we were building a deck according to the specifications required of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Administration, or the CBPA.  With tongue-in-cheek, I referred to the organization as a “bureaucracy”, but, in actuality, we do understand the reasoning behind their requirements and stipulations.

I am happy to be able to report that despite recent inclement weather, we finished the deck!  The homeowners, residents of the Chesopeian Colony section of Virginia Beach, are quite pleased with the results, with the nice-looking custom handrails:

Corley deck finished

Special features of this deck include the addition of a step leading from their family room  at the back of the home, onto the deck, and an access door to the underneath, as you see here in these photos:

Corley Collage 12 12 2014

Our technician also worked on the door frame which was rotted from water damage:

Aaron works on Corley back door

This couple will have Bob’s Jobs build their second deck later on this year, on the waterfront.  A former engineer for the government, the husband understands and appreciates all of the regulations involved in making certain that the construction and presence of the deck don’t interfere with its natural surroundings and habitat.  An amateur nature photographer, he likes to sit by the water and take pictures of the bald eagle, osprey and other waterfowl that inhabit the Wolfs Neck Creek area.

bald eagle

Do you, too, want a deck that ‘s compatible with the environment?  Call me, Jo, at Bob’s Jobs, 757-318-0484 and our resident deck designer, Bob, will sketch out a plan for you, too!


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