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I have a degree… in drywallogy!



A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – I have a degree… in drywallogy!


10 3 2014 newsletter post


Bob’s Jobs gets many requests to install drywall and some of those inquiries are from commercial establishments and condo associations.

We were recently hired to make drywall repairs in multiple condo units after the condo association determined that all of the Quest piping should be removed from inside the walls and replaced with new piping by professional plumbers.

If you are not familiar with Quest or Qest piping, it is a trade name for polybutylene, a plumbing system that was used in homes for decades, but found to be the cause of major plumbing issues in the 1990’s, when pipes and fittings started bursting and leaking.  These were among the first generation of plastic piping, replacing copper.  Following a class action lawsuit, many homeowners and condo associations replaced this type of piping with new PVC:

Quest on the left and PVC on the right

Quest on the left and PVC on the right


We assigned one of our lead technicians, Aaron, to do this work.  He worked behind the plumbers, closing off walls with drywall after the piping was replaced.  This process includes mudding, sanding and taping to get a smooth finish. There were multiple walls to repair in each condo unit, as you see in these pictures from just one of them, showing, from left to right, the wall behind the dishwasher, an area above kitchen cabinets and a laundry room:

Drywall Collage #1

We love it when our technicians get creative and figure out a “fix” for a client that saves them money.  Aaron discovered these plastic access panel covers and we installed one in a condo closet.  They are inexpensive, easy to install and simple to open, with a spring on the backside that holds them in place:

plastic access panel cover

Aaron’s trouble shooting skills were also helpful when we repaired the wall behind a bathroom toilet in one of the condos.  In order to keep cosmetic costs to a minimum, he carefully lifted a section of the wallpaper, made the necessary drywall repair and then carefully rolled down the wallpaper back down onto the wall and secured it, as you can see here:

wallpaper area

We are often told by customers that when one of our technicians completes drywall repairs, the walls are seamless.  You cannot tell where the repair was made or where the damaged walls and ceilings once were.

Does your shop, business or home need drywall repairs?  Contact Jo at Bob’s Jobs, 757-318-0484 (or just click on Jo’s name) and she will send out one of our resident experts in “drywallogy”!



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