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Installation of gas logs




(1) What’s going on at Bob’s Jobs – Bob’s graduation from school!



(2) Personal adventures of Bob & Jo – Fair Trade shopping in Downtown Norfolk



(3) A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – installing gas logs




(1) What’s going on at Bob’s Jobs – the Launch Hampton Roads Business Start-Up Program


As we talked about in our last newsletter (Launch Hampton Roads), Bob recently participated in a program geared towards new business owners, a federally funded program that he automatically qualified for due to his Veteran status.

He learned that Bob’s Jobs is well ahead of most newly created small businesses, having had experience with his handyman business for over a year now.  However, his goal was to leave the program with a long-term business plan in place, and he successfully achieved that goal.  The next step for Bob and Jo is to meet again with a SCORE mentor and share the business plan with their mentor.

Bob enjoyed discussing business practices with other entrepreneurs and Jo was happy to be able to participate when the lecture concerned social media marketing.  A local motivational and educational consultant/speaker, Ed Sykes of The Sykes Group, (see his blog at did an awesome job of providing helpful tips about internet marketing for start-up companies.

Congratulations, Bob!

Bob's certificate

(2) Personal adventures of Bob & Jo – Fair Trade shopping in Downtown Norfolk


While malls are aplenty and the stores within them predictable, downtown Norfolk offers unique shopping alternatives for those who want to support local businesses and avoid the mass mentality.  The old buildings are lovely and the gifts you purchase are all one-of-a-kind.

downtown Norfolk collage

During Bob’s recent education via Launch Hampton Roads, both Jo and Bob had the opportunity to investigate some of the shops in downtown Norfolk, particularly the Norfolk Fair Trade Company.  Owner/entrepreneur and educator, Dr. Lisa Fournier, provided the students with some hands-on experience to learn about customer service.

Norfolk Fair Trade Company

NFTCO offers a selection of unique gift items from local makers and global craftspeople, including fair trade and eco-friendly products. The goods sold include items that can’t be found anywhere else.

Shop local, buy local, hire local!  Support your local handyman business; call Bob’s Jobs at 318-0484 and have us come out to your home for a free estimate on getting those tasks done on your “Honey-Do” list!

(3) A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – installing gas logs

Bob was recently hired by a client to replace malfunctioning gas logs at a a rental property in Virginia Beach. Although it wasn’t an emergency, the family living there was anxious to have the work done before the Christmas holidays so that they could enjoy some warmth by the fireside.

The work was relatively easy to do and Bob was able to complete the job in less than 2 hours, 2 days before Christmas.

A sampler of our work there:

 gas log collage


For detailed instructions on the installation or replacement of gas log fireplaces, go to the DIY Network,  If you’d rather hire an experienced handyman, call Bob’s Jobs at 318-0484 and we will do the work for you!


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