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newsletter 5 29 2015


(1) A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – finishing up your projects


One of the things we specialize in here at Bob’s Jobs is completing unfinished projects for other folks!  Time and time again, we get contacted by homeowners with DIY projects gone awry, or when they have attempted to tackle a project on weekends and evenings and have simply run out of time and energy.

Here’s a kitchen we finished this past year for one young couple who simply wanted it done and done right:

Pichs cabinet collage

That’s a good time to hire a contractor, before you lose your wits as well as your partner.  We can finish the project professionally and timely, so that you can move on to other things, like putting your house on the market or taking that vacation you’ve been promising the kids.

A couple of months ago, we were hired to add just the backsplash in this kitchen for an enterprising couple who did the rest of the work themselves:

newsletter 5 29 2015 #1

Rich finished the renovations of this family’s sunroom, a project the son had started, but had to abandon when he started a job that took up all of his spare time:

newsletter 5 29 2015 #3

If you, too, are tired of looking at unfinished projects around your house, keep calm and call me, Jo, at Bob’s Jobs, 757-318-0484 and have it your way!

(2) What’s going on at Bob’s Jobs – working outdoors


With summer now here, we’ve got lots of outside contracts, such as deck renovations, and we are happy to have some younger men helping us with the work.

Although he’s still the guy who does the estimates for Bob’s Jobs as well as our bookkeeping, Bob’s been out working on job sites, supervising our crew, making certain projects are done properly and getting them finished on schedule:

Bob pressure washing Addesso deck


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