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Renovate all the kitchens!



 A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – renovate all the kitchens!


Renovate all the kitchens!


A young Virginia Beach couple recently contacted us about helping them with their kitchen renovations.  They both like to tackle do-it-yourself projects and they wanted to save some money by doing as much of their upgrading as they could by themselves.  However, they are smart enough to know when they need professional help, which is why they contacted Bob’s Jobs about putting their new kitchen cabinets in as well as creating a new space for an overhead microwave oven, as you see here:

Pichs microwave installation

The scheduling of the work was a bit tricky, as they had other contractors doing some of the renovations, such as the granite counter top installation. However, with some adjustments to our schedule here and there, we were able to work with them and give them some nice looking cabinetry.  They plan to attempt the rest of their renovations, such as installing new flooring, by themselves.  A view of their old kitchen:

Pichs remodel collage before renovations

Rich installed the new cabinets….they contrast nicely with the black granite counter tops:

Pichs cabinet collage

Do you have a project that’s taking a bit longer than you thought it would?  Are you getting tired of spending all of your free time working on a “honey-do” list at your house?  That’s when Bob’s Jobs can be very handy.  We have the experience necessary to complete your jobs for you with a nice, professional finish.  Give Jo a call at 757-318-0484 and let the professionals lend you a helping hand or two!



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