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Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors



A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – door upgrades


possible newsletter image #2 for 2 6 2015


One household renovation that homeowners request of us from time to time is to change up their interior doors.  Whether they have just purchased the home and want to upgrade to better quality doors or they have resided in their home for a while and are just now getting around to this item on their “honey-do” list, Bob’s Jobs is happy to oblige.  We have the knowledge and the skills to install them properly, something that not all contractors or handymen are capable of doing.

Back in 2013, Bob was hired to replace all 14 interior doors for a young couple who had recently purchased a home in Virginia Beach (you can click HERE to read that newsletter article).  He set up an outdoor work station in their driveway to mortise the hinges and prepare the doors for installation, using a router and jigs:


More recently, we were hired to replace a grand total of 13 interior doors in a waterfront home in the Chesapeake Beach area of Virginia Beach. The couple originally hired us to replace 10 doors, but once our technician, Rich, set to work, they added an additional three more, as they were impressed with the improvements to their rooms and closets.  The homeowner decided to further improve the cosmetic appearance by having Rich replace all of the hardware with high quality brass-finished hinges and knobs. These were ordered off the internet (from a company called Menards), as the big box hardware stores don’t carry hardware of this caliber.

In addition to hanging and mortising the doors, Rich painted them after installation.  Here is his work station (note the plastic covers protecting furniture!), a view from the hallway and a closet door with new hinges:

Kinsley door Collage

 We have worked for this couple in the past and they plan to have us out again in the springtime, as they continue to be very pleased with the quality of our services.

Do you, too, want to “open the door” to new possibilities for your home in 2015?  Contact me, Jo, at Bob’s Jobs, 757-318-0484, and we’ll help you change your old ways (as in entryways) to new ones!





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  • Lisa Smith

    Another great, informative and fun newsletter, Jo!

    • jowhitebobsjobs

      Thank you, Lisa!