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One does not simply go to Home Depot once




A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – lending a helping hand


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Nope, if you’re a homeowner, you will typically make multiple trips to the hardware store!

Bob’s Jobs is frequently called upon to assist homeowners with DIY projects that they initially try to attempt themselves, but later decide to hire an extra set of hands when the more difficult tasks are encountered.  Quite often, people realize that the work will go faster and more efficiently if they hire a contractor with expertise to help them out.

In these situations, we let the homeowner know that we are happy to pitch in when they’ve gotten in over their heads, and we “go on the clock” when we show up to help them and charge by the hour.  Once we’ve started, many clients find even more repairs that they’d like help with, so what was initially a day’s work can become 2-3 days worth of work by the time we’ve completed their “honey-do” list.

honey do list

For instance, we were recently hired to make some drywall repairs to a living room ceiling for an older couple in Virginia Beach.  The ceilings are high and awkward to reach without the right ladders.  While Rich was on site, doing the drywall repairs they’d hired us for, our client requested that Rich also go ahead and grout around their chimney and paint the ceiling while he was up there.  The homeowner initially thought he might attempt these tasks on his own; however, the physical demands and the skills needed to complete these seemingly minor tasks had become a bit overwhelming.  Having hired us for other jobs in the past, he was familiar with our work ethic and had no problem paying us our hourly rate for the extra work.

This is what the living room ceiling looked like before we did the work, with visible cracks:

White ceiling Collage before

Notice the improvements after Rich made the repairs:

White ceiling Collage after

We have also been contacted by younger couples who ambitiously set out to renovate rooms in their homes during their spare time, like evenings or weekends, when they are off work.  Then they find that the job is taking them much longer than they’d expected.  They get frustrated, they have company coming or they are trying to get their home ready for sale. They hire us to finish the work they started so they can get the work done and get it done right.

Here’s a kitchen redo where the young couple did their own demolition and flooring, but had us install the cabinets and countertops:

Pichs cabinet collage

Is your mother-in-law coming soon for her annual visit and that spare bedroom isn’t finished?  Call me, Jo, at 757-318-0484, and let us complete the work for you and keep the family happy.  We promise, you won’t regret it!


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