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Popcorn is not just a snack!



A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – popcorn ceilings


Nothing dates a house back to the 1970’s better than a popcorn ceiling!

Also known as “cottage cheese” or stucco ceiling, this spray-on or painted on treatment was used from the late 1950s into the 1980s in American residential construction and became the standard for bedroom and hallway ceilings for its bright, white appearance, noise reduction qualities and ability to hide imperfections. However, early formulations contained asbestos fibers and it lost favor in many parts of the US.  Currently, however, it is made of a paper or Styrofoam- like material and is still common in some residential construction. Even the old asbestos containing ceilings are not dangerous if left undisturbed or contained.

Having worked on many a local home that was built while popcorn ceilings were in vogue, Bob’s Jobs has become expert at making repairs to them. It’s a bit on the messy side, but with some experience, we’ve learned how to contain that mess a bit, covering windows and doorways with plastic before we remove it, as need be:

dust control #1

Rich recently completed a popcorn ceiling repair to a living room, following plumbing repairs to the bathroom up above.  After muding, taping, sanding and priming, he repaired the popcorn texture.  The “before” picture is on the left and the “after”, on the right:

popcorn ceiling repair Collage

Could you even tell where the repair was made, if you didn’t know?

Like many of the repair jobs that we do, this, too, is one a homeowner can attempt on his/her own. YouTube has many instructional videos to guide you in the process; here’s one  that is particularly helpful:

Should you decide NOT to take on this challenge, call me, Jo, at Bob’s Jobs, 757-318-0484, and have us fix that popcorn ceiling for you!




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