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Second story balcony repairs



 A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – second story balcony repairs

A recent project that we completed involved making repairs to a second story porch in a Virginia Beach neighborhood where the homeowner had been notified by his condo association that he had to improve on the appearance of his property.  His porch had suffered fairly extensive water damage, which was ruining the  columns and marring the street view of his home:

Cabana rotted column

We were hired to make the needed repairs, but once Rich starting replacing damaged parts of the columns with PVC pipe, he discovered that the handrails between the columns had also suffered water damage.

This is an example of the type of situation that we run into fairly often; a  job appears to be relatively straightforward from the onset, but once our handyman starts to dig in, further damage is discovered and more repair work is needed.  When this occurs, the homeowner is always given a thorough explanation, along with a couple of options for the “fix”. In this particular case, the homeowner elected to have Rich complete the repairs to the columns AND the handrails, which we felt was a wise choice.

The eye-pleasing outcome of the work, a newly refurbished second story porch with repaired columns and brand new rails:

Cabana collage

Has your home suffered water damage?  It’s quite common in the Hampton Roads area where we get rain (and snow this past year!) on a regular basis.  If you suspect you have rotted wood, chances are good that it was caused by a water leak or perhaps just exposure to the elements.  Either way, Bob’s Jobs can assess the situation, give you some options, make the repairs and get your home to pass inspection!  Simply call me, Jo, at 757.318.0484 or click on this link here and you will be directed to the Contact page on our website.



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