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 A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – closet renovations


Audrey Hepburn meme


~ Audrey Hepburn, British actress, humanitarian, fashionista

I  was recently approached by an acquaintance at a lunch meeting, Tamra, a Senior Design Consultant with Closet Factory.  She explained that her client on waterfront property in the local area had a custom closet installation coming up.  However, her company was in need of a reliable contractor to come in to make drywall repairs to the 137 square foot closet and to paint it before the new custom installation took place.  The new closet will have shelves, drawers, baskets, a hamper, linen cabinet, valet rod and sliding belt racks.

Bob’s Jobs answer to requests for help is always “yes, we can!”

We were happy to partner up with Closet Factory to do this work for her client.  Our technicians are experts at drywall repairs. Here’s what the closet walls looked like before (on the left) and after (on the right) our work:

Walsh closet Collage

As you can see, the walls are now seamless.  We often have customers comment that they can’t even tell where we made our repairs:

Walsh closet before and after Collage


Unfortunately, business as usual in southside Hampton Roads slid to a screeching halt  this week due to snow, causing a one-day delay in the completion of this project.  However, we got the job finished on time.  The homeowner provided us with some pictures of the fully completed closet installation once Closet Factory was done:

Walsh finished closet Collage

Is your home also undergoing a renovation where some finishing work is needed?  Would you, too, like a big, finished closet, like Audrey Hepburn? Contact me, Jo, at Bob’s Jobs, 757-318-0484, and let us bring in our expert technicians who can finish the job right!



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