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Sometimes, shorter is better


Welcome to the new, revised, shortened and condensed version of Bob’s Jobs newsletter! Because sometimes, shorter is better.

newsletter 8 7 2015

In this and in future editions of our newsletter, we will give you an update on what’s been going on at Bob’s Jobs. Just a brief synopsis of a recent job. Hopefully, the updated version will contain information and stories that are interesting, but quicker to read.

We had the pleasure of working on a lovely cottage-style home on the waterfront in Norfolk these past couple of weeks. It’s an older home, but in great condition.  However, a previous contractor had not done a very good job of installing the drywall properly, so we sent our lead technician, Rich, to work from room to room, retaping and sanding the seams in the drywall.

As usual, he brought along his portable workshop:

Paul #2


Next, he replaced the tape along the seams and repaired any cracks he found along the way:

Paul #3


Rich is always careful to try to contain the mess, in this case, the dust caused by sanding, using dust covers and tarps whenever he works in a client’s home:

Paul #5Paul #4




If your home is also in need of some finishing touches to make it look nicer, contact us at Bob’s Jobs, 757-318-0484 and we’ll put Rich on the job!


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