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10 Home Repair Fixes

virginia beac handyman tips ebook

We offer free tips in this eBook for simple common skills that every homeowner wants to know.

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In order to save time and money as well as an expensive visit from a repairman we have put together an extremely useful guide for you.

Often, people feel like they are all thumbs or totally in over their heads when it comes to taking care of their most prized possession – their home. There are some things that a typical homeowner can handle on their own in order to save money and to get that satisfactions of being able to tell visitors, “Yes! I did that!”

Topics covered in our e-book

  • Pressure Washing
  • Keeping Your Gutters Clean
  • Light Fixture Upgrades
  • Bathroom Flooring
  • Checking a Toilet for Leaks
  • How to Unstick a Sticky Door
  • Outdoor Deck Maintenance
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Kitchen Flooring
  • Caulking tips
  • Difficult Door Locks
  • And more…