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The rewards of doing quality work- 20 years after!


The other day I had a pleasant surprise; a reminder that the work you do will follow you and reflect the care that you put into it.

20 year old deck Bob's Jobs

A 20 year old deck built by Bob, still in great shape!

I had received a call from a new client to inspect some water damage issues and a crack in their front porch in the Cypress Point Golf Club neighborhood in Virginia Beach, VA. As I drove into the neighborhood, I mentioned to my assistant that I remembered building a deck in this neighborhood many years ago and I wondered if I could locate the home again.

We arrived at the clients home, and she gave  us a quick rundown on her concerns about the drainage of her downspouts and the crack in her front porch. As I walked around the property to assess the situation, imagine my delight in discovering that the deck that I had built in the mid 1990’s was right next door!

It seemed to be in as good of shape as it was when I finished it up 20 years ago! The homeowners have taken good care of it, having it cleaned and re-sealed/stained on a regular basis. I looked it over and saw that there might be a nail or two that needed to be re-set, but it shows no sign of board warping or splitting; most likely because of the regular care that it has received over the years.

More importantly, however, was the evidence that this deck was built with care and deliberation; the boards cut to exacting size and fitted to withstand now two decades of use. I used to be kidded that my decks would outlast the houses that I was attaching them to. Well, this house is still looking good and the deck is hanging right in there with it.

My takeaway from this experience is that we can do a job, get paid for it and move on, but the work that we do is still there, year after year providing some kind of experience to the client. The ultimate question is: What kind of experience are you leaving for your client? Will they still be enjoying the fruits of your labor years later or will they be disappointed in the quality of the work that they have received?

As humans we all want to leave some kind of legacy behind that says “I was here, and I did this!” Whether that is a proud legacy or an embarrassment all depends on how you approach your work at the very beginning. If you approach every job you do with the intention that you are going to come back in 10, 20 or 30 years and find that the project still looks as good as this one does, you will find that you will gain so much more satisfaction from your work than whatever commission you earned could ever give you.

It goes without saying that the few hundred dollars I made building this deck way back then is long gone, but seeing the project still being used and in such great shape far out weighs the short term joy of depositing that check back in 1993.

That is one of the driving forces behind everything we do at Bob’s Jobs – we do not rush to make a quick repair and move on to the next customer, we are building a legacy of quality work and satisfied customers one project at a time!

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