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There’s a storm coming! A new storm door, that is.


  A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – storm door installations


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The Task

A task that we are frequently asked to do is to install a new storm door or replace an old one.  Not only does a storm door improve upon the appearance of an entrance to a home, it can also provide the residents with some air circulation.

It’s Inexpensive

It’s a relatively inexpensive addition and can last as long as 25-50 years, depending on materials and quality.

What Kind Do You Want?

Storm doors come with varying combinations of screen and glass panels. Many have removable panels that can be changed depending on the season. Most doors have a sweep along the bottom, a flexible strip designed to keep moisture, dirt and outside air from entering your home.

Here are just a few examples, below: a door with a changeable screen/glass panel on the left, a more expensive “full-view” glass door in the center, and lastly, a security reinforced door on the right:

storm door Collage

What We Did

At our house, we are fortunate to have a storm door that leads from our master bedroom onto our deck, allowing us to let some refreshing air inside.  Until we have the air conditioning on 24/7, it’s really nice to have this feature in our bedroom:

our storm door


According to Angie’s List, there are 4 benefits to having a storm door installed – they include protecting the exterior door, increasing energy efficiency, keeping insects OUT (a huge plus in my book!) and adding another layer of security.

This is the most recent storm door we installed; you’re looking at a side entrance to the home where there used to be just the exterior door, allowing rain to enter the home during heavy storms.  The family also likes the ventilation that the new door provides:

Lynn Ford's storm door

Interested in having a storm door installed at one of the entryways to your home?  Call me, Jo, at Bob’s Jobs, 757-318-0484 and we can schedule this relatively simple upgrade for you!


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