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Using a Multi-Tool – Door Casing Repairs



 A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – door casing repairs

Finn door repair #7


Bob was recently hired by a couple who indicated that their side door leading to their garage had some rotted wood around it. They were hoping that only the casing would have to be replaced and not the entire door.




Finn door repair #6



Bob took a look and fortunately, only the door casing was rotted. He purchased a new multi-purpose tool for this and for future specialized jobs.



Finn door repair #8



He used the multi-purpose tool to cut away the rotted part of the casing, leaving solid wood.




Finn door repair #1


Using his table saw, Bob milled a pressure treated 2X4 to fit the door casing.  Note the “kerf” cut into the piece to accept the weather stripping.




Finn door repair #3



After checking the fit of the piece, he laid in a nice bed of caulking…




Finn door repair #2



…and then installed the replacement piece.




Lastly, Bob primed, painted and installed new weather stripping.  The door casing is now good as new, and insect and water resistant to boot!

Finn door repair #4

Does your home need some rotted wood replaced?  Bob is an expert at this type of repair work.  If he feels the water source has not yet been detected and fixed, he will refer you to one of our business partners who specializes in water damage.

Contact Bob’s Jobs today for your free estimate on repair work to your home, 318-0484!


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  • Lisa Smith

    That’s a very versatile tool!

  • Dale Wells

    Great newsletter and again, it’s very informative. You would have my business, if I didn’t have my own live-in handyman.