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We are family!


(1) A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – weather challenges


Mother Nature is not always our friend.


Summer thunderstorms can wreak havoc on our schedule.  While we try to stick to it as closely as possible, the recent afternoon and evening showers caused some exterior projects to be delayed. Most recently, an outdoor fencing repair took two days instead of the one originally planned  for when thunder, lightning and a good amount of rain in the afternoon cut the workday short.

house in the rain

This presents us with a dilemma.  When the sun comes out again, do we finish up the job we left off or show up at the next scheduled job since that client has been waiting for us to get to their project? What if the next scheduled project required the individual to take off work? Supposing they are leaving town soon, maybe even moving out of town? Whose needs get priority?

We find that we simply have to address these issues on a case-by-case basis.  Obviously, if a client is on a time constraint, we do our best to meet their needs.  This may happen when a house needs repairs based on an inspection report, and the sale on the property can’t close until the repairs are made.

In this particular situation, we returned the day after to finish the fence repair- and contacted the next client to advise them of the one day delay.  Fortunately, they understood the demands of a contractor and they were able to be flexible.

(2) What’s going on at Bob’s Jobs – “We are family!”


We received a couple of testimonials in the mail this past week that had one thing in common – both clients spoke of how they felt like they had been treated like family:

“Working with Bob’s Jobs has been a most pleasurable experience. Everyone there is so friendly and accommodating…. they make you feel like you are working with a family member.”~B. Stith of Norfolk, VA

“We have used Bob’s Jobs for many years – they are the best in what they do – even more important is they are punctual, do exactly what they say they will do – we were away during the painting – Jo kept me informed of everything going on, and sent pictures of finished paint job – It feels like you are working with friends – ” M. Rossettini of Virginia Beach, VA

Sing it, sisters!

Sister Sledge we are family

While we don’t move in and share meals with our clients, we do stay in close contact with them while we are making repairs and renovations to their homes.  We keep them informed of our progress and any setbacks that we may encounter.  We give them an expected date of completion as well as costs.  We also give them options should we run into something unexpected that’s either going to delay the completion of the work or cost them more money.

People like this kind of treatment.  They like to be kept informed.  We feel that’s what makes us different from other contractors out there – our personalized touch.

Yep, we are family!


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