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What is vision? What is art?



 A recent example of Bob’s Jobs work – what is vision?  What is art?



Vision is the art

What you see in the picture, above, is a piece of recently installed drywall, being mudded and prepped for painting by our technician, Rich.  What you can’t see is how nice this wall will look once it’s seamlessly finished by this technician at Bob’s Jobs.  Ah, yes, he has a vision!

We consider Rich our “resident artist” and he was recently commissioned to make renovations to a bayfront condominium on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach.  The owner hadn’t made any improvements to the property in quite some time and was especially excited to have Rich create a new custom cabinet/enclosure for his TV:

RIch's TV cabinet Collage


Rich is returning for his 5th day of work for this very pleased condo owner, creating a custom wine cabinet in his kitchen:

wine cabinet Collage

Are you, too, ready to share your vision with our artist/technician, Rich?  Call Jo at Bob’s Jobs, 757-318-0484 and get your dreams made into reality!



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